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MY iMenso

MY iMenso: the most versatile and unique interchangeable and collectible medallion system. By changing the insignia, the look for the jewellery changes. Creating your own style is easy: there are many items to choose from The MY iMenso collection does not only consist out of medallions there is also an amazing collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other pieces of jewellery 

Note: The below products include already put together MY iMenso medallions and insignia to give you a better idea of the unlimited possibilities for individual medallions and insignia come in store (we are across from Mugg and Bean in Walmer Park Shopping Centre).

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  • M Yi Menso 3
    Medallion and Insignia
  • Medallion
    Rhodium-plated, invisible hinge medallion
  • Medallion B
    Rose Gold-plated, invisible hinge medallion
  • 02
    CZ-stones Medallion and Insignia
  • 01
    Gold Medallion and Insignia
  • 03
    Rose Gold Medallion and Insignia
  • 06
    Silver Medallion and Personalized Insignia
  • 07
    CZ-stones Medallion and Pink Insignia
  • 08
    CZ-stones Medallion and Elegant Insignia

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