Custom Jewellery Design, its more affordable than you think

Francarlo Micilotta has always had a passion for jewellery and started making custom pieces at the tender age of 15 after completing his apprenticeship in Italy, not to mention he also attended the acclaimed Benvenuto Cellini Jewellery School. After many years in the industry, his daughter Tanya joined the family operation in 2005 after she also completed her studies at the same school her father did so many years before.

With Francarlo and Tanya being the driving force behind their experienced team, they will walk you through the custom jewellery design process in such a way to fit into your budget. Yes, you read that right, they fit into your budget so having that custom piece you’ve been dreaming of is more realistic than you think. Below is a basic outline of the process the Francarlo Designer Goldsmith team will take you through:

  1. All you need is an idea – you can reference a photo or a piece you already have as inspiration but all we need is your idea. Once you have your idea, you will need to get in touch with the Francarlo Team either by coming in store or contacting us. Your sales specialist will not only work with you to create the most effective plan of action for you but also build a relationship with you to ensure you get the piece perfect for you.
  2. The design team will then hand draw a custom design just for you to make sure we have the right approach.
  3. Once the image is approved by you, we get straight to work. Francarlo Designer Goldsmith will handcraft the piece with the stones and metal of your selection.
  4. Once the piece has been completed and you’ve come to collect it from our team we never forget or move on from the design so that if you ever need to get in touch we are available to continue making your dreams come true.

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