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5 Must-Have Jewellery Pieces every Women has to have

Jewellery is a way for women to express their personal style and show off their individuality. It is an accessory that can be worn every day and on special occasions too.

Jewellery has always been about style and fashion, but now it’s seen as more than just aesthetics, it can act as a symbol of power and success for women around the world.

With so many different options and styles of jewellery pieces out there, it can be hard to know which ones you need in your collection. Here at Francarlo Designer Goldsmith, we take pride in our warm friendly approach to every client and our range of jewellery that can be bought online or designed specifically for you by our in-house goldsmiths.

We’ve picked five of our most favourite must-have jewellery pieces to suit every woman’s needs that are most appropriate for any occasion or event you could think of!

1. Earrings

Just like how different people have different personalities, so too do they have different styles when it comes to wearing earrings. For a simple sophisticated look, gold hoops or studs with diamonds may be just what you want; whereas someone who wants something a little more bold may opt for colourful drop style earrings with semi-precious stones or tanzanites.

The idea is to find what best represents your personality and wear it accordingly. Wearing the right earrings can make you feel more confident and special.

Wearing an accessory like statement earrings to create a look all your own – one that expresses who you are, what your mood may be for that day, is just a small way to allow your inner self to glow. No matter what type of woman you are there are plenty of earring options available both in our online store and in-store.

2. Necklaces

What woman doesn’t want to feel like a princess? Necklaces are one of the best ways to dress up your outfit and turn heads.

Who says pearls have to be pearl white? Pearls necklace are a classic and can be worn for any occasion. Silver necklaces look elegant, yet modern with their sleek shine. Gold necklaces on the other hand can have a more vintage feel to them that many women love-especially when paired with matching earrings!

Necklaces can be worn on their own, with pendants or charms or layered together with other necklaces to create the ultimate statement piece.

3. Pendants

And of course, a beautiful necklace deserves a beautiful pendant.

Pendants can be symbolic and hold much sentiment. They can be custom made to capture a special moment or someone in your life. They can be made out of silver, gold or other materials with designs that range from simple to elaborate depending on the customer’s preference.

As experienced goldsmiths we are able to create any piece to your requirements, just contact us.

Pendants with birthstones are also popular as well as Nom Nom diamond and coloured stone charms that can be added to Nom Nom necklaces.

4. Dress rings

Whether it’s a dress ring for special occasions or something you’ll wear every day – there is a vast selection of options when it comes to dress rings. It’s always nice to have options to suit different occasions. It could be something simple for everyday wear such as an elegant stacking set or perhaps something a bit bolder with large semi-precious stones or beautiful tanzanites.

Dress rings can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be and are perfect for dressing up any outfit if you want something to help your style and personality stand out.

They also work really well for gifting because they can be as simple or extravagant as desired, depending on what type of person you’re buying for.

5. Bracelets and Bangles

One of our favourite ways to accessorize any outfit is with a bracelet or bangle. They can be worn for work, casual or formal occasions and come in so many different styles which you can effortlessly match current trends and your personality.

For years, silver bracelets have been considered both elegant and eye-catching and a timeless choice. Gold bracelets come in a wide selection of polished or matte white gold, yellow gold or rose gold options to suit any budget. Charm bracelets are adored by all ages and make for an excellent gift for anyone special to you.

Choosing a Style just for you

Francarlo Designer Goldsmith has been a family-owned jewellery store for over five decades, and the experience of our expert team is what sets us apart.

If you need guidance in finding the perfect piece just stop by our store or book a free online consultation as we would love to help create an unforgettable custom piece just for you to add to your collection

Whether you are looking for simple or extravagant styles we will meet your expectations with our vast selection of earrings, necklaces, pendants, dress rings, bracelets, bangles and more.