Pearl – June

Pearl jewellery is given as a symbol of love. Everyone seems to love the beauty of a strand of pearls. Pearl necklaces are classic pieces of jewelry that are treasured. Though pearls are often thought to be only white, pink and black pearls are extremely stylish.

Pearl is often considered a gemstone, although it is not a mineral. Rather, pearl is a composite of the mineral Aragonite (Calcium Carbonate) and the organic compound conchiolin (a protein). The combination is called nacre, or mother-of-pearl. In pearl oysters and freshwater pearl mussels, nacre forms the inner lining of the shell and the layered nature of the structure contributes to the luster of the pearl.

At one time, pearls were very rare and expensive, because more than a thousand oysters might be harvested to find a single pearl, and that one may have been small or misshapen. However, raising oysters or freshwater pearl mussels is relatively easy, and the process of inserting “seeds” has been perfected, such that cultured pearls are now harvested by the ton. Still, only a fraction of the harvest will be of high-quality pearls.