We jump ahead to our twenties, our style has most certainly changed from our days of youthful innocence, entering into the working world, forging ahead with confidence, fearless, hungry for knowledge and new experiences, perhaps even having had the good fortune to travel.  Our jewels may even take on a personality of their own as we try to make our mark in the world!

Pinterest and Instagram become the popular “go-to,” holding our attention as we follow the latest fashion trends with the notion, “if it’s on Insta, it must be cool, right?!” Even though keeping up to date may be important to us, still the little ring from “sweet sixteen” or diamond pendant from your “21st” will feature, forever earning significant emotional value.

As we move into our later twenties and thirties, it’s weddings, babies and plenty to celebrate as life changing experiences have moulded us into the people we are to become.  Gone are some of the insecurities, (hopefully!) and engagement rings are the talk amongst friends.

Family may produce heirlooms from generations past, and some become sentimental as stories unfold and we think about those we miss and cherish.  What joy as your precious jewel, a token of love from your beloved is given to you, symbolising the commitment and promise as you embark on a new adventure, excited to discover together what the future will bring.

As your little unit begins to grow, new memories are made, jewellery again signifying a token of love, this time perhaps more classic pieces, as you welcome your newborn into the world, which in years to come will be that special jewel – a beautiful reminder and legacy to be passed onto them and future generations.

As the years pass,  anniversaries and milestones are celebrated, jewellery collections grow, as though we are “growing into” our jewellery as we mature, perhaps we become a little more daring, bigger and bolder, the delicate items once enjoyed are a thing of the past as we find new joy in passing these items to our offspring and our offspring’s offspring, as they, too, are in the stage of their lives where it is appreciated and much loved, the sentimentality and memories linked to metal and gemstones of whichever value, little or dear, rendering them priceless.

And so as the circle of life evolves in nature, humanity and all things of this glorious universe, so too does the jewellery in our families, passed through the generations and becoming TIMELESS, PRECIOUS tokens of LOVE.



With August being women’s month, and the opportunity to celebrate the amazing women on our life’s journey, what better time than now, to reflect on those special times, beautiful memories and the jewels marking significant milestones

From an early age, I am sure many of us were filled with admiration for our mothers and our grandmothers, aware of how beautiful they were, perhaps even awestruck by glittering adornments, fascinated by the sparkling gemstones, perhaps too, by their gold necklaces or beads, which were so gloriously wonderful to grip onto, pull, touch and feel, maybe even a bit to their consternation! Our young minds already appreciating all things beautiful, not realising at the time that we’re attaching these special treasures to memories of our loved ones.

Not only does jewellery hold powerful memories of people, places and important celebration, or maybe even sadness, it is forever present as we move through the different stages of our lives, either passed to us as heirlooms or the ability to become them… such is the legacy of these treasures.

When we are babies, gifts of baby bangles, bib pins, perhaps a pendant on a chain, symbolising holistic belief or culture, are the first to mark the milestone of our birth or religious ceremony. Some of these decorative items might have already been passed down from generations before, the emotional value far outweighing any monetary one.

As we move into early childhood, daisy chains, colourful macaroni necklaces and garish bead bracelets become the order of the day, dressing up to look like mom, proudly layering on our homemade creations. Zero inhibitions, just fun!

The pre and early teens are upon us in a flash! Suddenly self conscious and easily embarrassed! Most prefer the understated delicate little chain and sweet silver pendant or locket, a fine little bracelet, or tiny little ring- All gifts from family or friends for a birthday or special celebration.

Sweet sixteen and parents can’t believe how fast time flies, little girls no longer, moving steadily towards womanhood. Our jewellery starts to become more significant to us, aware of the meaning behind the gift, new memories are being created, perhaps an heirloom is passed down, confident they will be well looked after, or perhaps put away again until a later date? Nonetheless it will always be remembered to have been received for that birthday, already with the intention of passing down to a future generation on their sixteenth birthday.

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Right, so now you are all dressed up and need to start accessorising, super! However, what if you’re out and about and later need to adjust your scarf or remove your pullover?

Step 1. Turn your rings “inside” and make a fist to protect them (and your clothes!)

Step 2. If you are wearing chains or long necklaces, put them inside the top you are wanting to remove, so they will lie on top of the next layer of clothing.

Step 3. Tuck your chin in and stretch the neck out a little and GENTLY move your jersey over your head. This will not only help unwanted makeup from coming off onto your clothes, but will also give more space around your ears, and therefore, your earrings!

Step 3. Once the item is removed, check your earrings. The butterflies at the back may need to be secured against your earlobe, if you are wearing hoop earrings, a better solution would be to remove them first to eliminate the risk of your earring being pulled out of shape, especially if they are large or you have long hair.

Step 4.  If you decide not to remove your hoop or long drop earrings: Hair can get hooked in and around the hoop. Make sure you don’t just pull your hair or your pullover free, as this could loosen your earrings and it won’t matter how strong the clasp is! Not to mention completely pull your earring out of shape. Again, go carefully and please check they are attached securely.  We also make use of an added security system, “Lox” (available in store for only R200 for two pairs) as an extra “butterfly” to keep those elusive earrings from flying off your ear despite desperate attempts to move gently.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter how many diamonds there are, or how much you paid for your jewellery, all must be handled with the utmost care and the respect it deserves, and the above steps will ensure your jewellery stays intact!



We all love our jewellery, those precious items so powerfully attached to our special memories and the people we treasure who gifted them or passed down to us.  So powerful in fact, they can bring us right back to an occasion, a place, a person, a moment.

Yet, powerful enough to take care of themselves, tough enough to withstand any sort of handling, believing the jewel will last forever, whatever the circumstances ? Erm.. sorry, no, hate to burst this delightful bubble, as much as we would love it to, it just ain’t going to happen without a little help!  And that’s why we’re here!

We often find there are more jewellery repairs in the winter months, than during the summer season.  The reason for this is that we wear many more layers of clothing and therefore there are many more chances of your jewellery hooking or catching onto one of these items.

The general rule of thumb to follow, is that your jewellery should be the last thing one puts on in the mornings, before leaving your house, and the first thing to take off when you get home.

I always suggest having one specific spot you make a direct beeline for when you get home, to leave your “rings and things” so as not to leave them in one of the “safe” places one can never remember later, without a few desperate prayers to St Anthony, (the patron saint of finding things) or whatever else works for you!  Or even worse, next to the sink when you are peeling veggies so lovingly for your family’s dinner, only for them to end up being innocently thrown away with the potato skins!

A small decorative box on your dressing table would be a good idea, I myself make use of a cute animal ornament, which I find so useful to stack my everyday rings, and are available in store.

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I’m Not A Jewellery Person!

We’ve heard people say that they’re not a jewellery person but are they really not?  There must have been at least one special occasion in their lives that called upon them to bring out the pearls, diamanté earrings or gold bracelet.

The truth is that we all wear jewellery for different reasons:  There may be diamonds that your grandmother or mother has bequeathed you or an anniversary that your loved one has surprised you with, a statement ring or delicate pendant.  Think about when you were married: for those of you who said “I do” – your rings were the symbol of an eternal love and commitment.

When you had your 21st, 40th, 50th birthday or anniversary, that beautiful gift of love is a constant reminder to you that you are cherished and loved.

Yes, some people are quite lavish with their adornments while others are shy and choose subtle pieces to wear.  That is the beauty of being unique- we wear jewellery that suits our style and personality.  There is one unmistakable thing about jewellery: it makes us feel something- maybe it makes you feel attractive or reminds you of a loved one, a special friend or a time in your life.  It is symbolic and it is personal because it tells your story and at a glance or a gentle rub, you are instantly reminded about someone, a place, a moment.  It makes you feel happy and can even lead you to occasionally shed a tear…..

Jewellery has and always will be an expression of love, friendship and treasured times.  It is one of the best accessories you can wear to compliment your personality. Deep down, we are all jewellery people in one way or another.  Come on, let’s be honest, you would feel a little naked without it!  We’re not all the same type of jewellery people and that’s what makes it so special.

Wear jewellery that makes you feel something, as long as that something is loved!

Post Written by: Janice Kruger
Image by: Ignacio Campo


Custom Jewellery Design, its more affordable than you think

Francarlo Micilotta has always had a passion for jewellery and started making custom pieces at the tender age of 15 after completing his apprenticeship in Italy, not to mention he also attended the acclaimed Benvenuto Cellini Jewellery School. After many years in the industry, his daughter Tanya joined the family operation in 2005 after she also completed her studies at the same school her father did so many years before.

With Francarlo and Tanya being the driving force behind their experienced team, they will walk you through the custom jewellery design process in such a way to fit into your budget. Yes, you read that right, they fit into your budget so having that custom piece you’ve been dreaming of is more realistic than you think. Below is a basic outline of the process the Francarlo Designer Goldsmith team will take you through:

  1. All you need is an idea – you can reference a photo or a piece you already have as inspiration but all we need is your idea. Once you have your idea, you will need to get in touch with the Francarlo Team either by coming in store or contacting us. Your sales specialist will not only work with you to create the most effective plan of action for you but also build a relationship with you to ensure you get the piece perfect for you.
  2. The design team will then hand draw a custom design just for you to make sure we have the right approach.
  3. Once the image is approved by you, we get straight to work. Francarlo Designer Goldsmith will handcraft the piece with the stones and metal of your selection.
  4. Once the piece has been completed and you’ve come to collect it from our team we never forget or move on from the design so that if you ever need to get in touch we are available to continue making your dreams come true.


Tips on Caring for your Jewellery


Just as the sun’s harmful rays can damage our skin, light and heat can affect a colored gemstone’s durability and color. Over time, and in excess, they can also fade or damage some gemstones, such as amethyst, kunzite, topaz and shell cameos. Pearls and other delicate materials, such as ivory, will bleach under extreme exposure to light. Other gems, especially amber, can darken over time when exposed to too much light.

Excessive heat and sudden temperature changes may also fracture some gems. Heat can easily remove the natural moisture these gems need to keep their beauty. Pearls, for instance, can dry out, crack and discolor. Opals can turn white or brown, develop tiny cracks, and might lose their play-of-color.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Small wonder they’re so valuable! Most Diamonds are 1-3 Million years old. That’s impressive!

2. The color of gold: Pure Gold is always yellow, but it can be changed by adding in different metals. This is how we get white gold, red gold, pink cold, green gold, etc.

3. Jewelry slang: Popular slang terms for jewelry include bling bling, ice, kandi, and rock.

4. Movies anyone??? In the musical “Moulin Rouge”, Nicole Kidman wore the most expensive piece of jewelry ever designed specifically for a movie. She wore a necklace valued at approximately $1 million and it was made from platinum and 1,308 diamonds.

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Did you know?

40 fascinating jewellery facts!

  1. What is the oldest known jewellery ever found ? 100,000 year old beads made from Nassarius shells.
  2. The word jewellery comes from jewel, from the old French jouel, which in turn comes from the latin jocale, which means ‘plaything’.
  3. The Americans call it jewelry, everyone else calls it jewellery.
  4. In many cultures jewellery is supposed to ward off evil, for example the famous Egyptian ankh.
  5. Through history live insect jewellery has been popular. The Egyptians may have been the first to do so, wearing scarab beetles into battle. But the Mexican Maquech Beetle and Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach have also been used in jewellery. In Britain the Victorians loved it, often sporting huge, vivid live beetles attached to their clothing by tiny, fine gold chains.
  6. 24 carat gold is 99.9% pure, and most US and European jewellers think it’s too soft for jewellery. But 24 carat gold is the norm across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
  7. Platinum alloys range from 900 (90% pure) to 950 (95% pure).

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Tips on Caring for your Jewellery

Jewellery is one of our most intimate and cherished accessories. Understanding how to care for and protect your treasured jewellery can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty and keeping your heirlooms sparkling for generations to come.


Just as the sun’s harmful rays can damage our skin, light and heat can affect a colored gemstone’s durability and color. Over time, and in excess, they can also fade or damage some gemstones, such as amethyst, kunzite, topaz and shell cameos. Pearls and other delicate materials, such as ivory, will bleach under extreme exposure to light. Other gems, especially amber, can darken over time when exposed to too much light.

Excessive heat and sudden temperature changes may also fracture some gems. Heat can easily remove the natural moisture these gems need to keep their beauty. Pearls, for instance, can dry out, crack and discolor. Opals can turn white or brown, develop tiny cracks, and might lose their play-of-color.

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Men’s Jewellery Guide for Summer

We know how important it is for men to look on point and with summer approaching and the temperature rising mean less layers of clothing so how do you keep your look fresh and dynamic? Well here is our solution. Try investing in a couple of pieces of jewellery to add interest to your look that will have everyone turning heads.

2015 has plenty of options for you depending on your own personal taste – you can pull off anything with the right level of confidence.

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