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Right, so now you are all dressed up and need to start accessorising, super! However, what if you’re out and about and later need to adjust your scarf or remove your pullover?

Step 1. Turn your rings “inside” and make a fist to protect them (and your clothes!)

Step 2. If you are wearing chains or long necklaces, put them inside the top you are wanting to remove, so they will lie on top of the next layer of clothing.

Step 3. Tuck your chin in and stretch the neck out a little and GENTLY move your jersey over your head. This will not only help unwanted makeup from coming off onto your clothes, but will also give more space around your ears, and therefore, your earrings!

Step 3. Once the item is removed, check your earrings. The butterflies at the back may need to be secured against your earlobe, if you are wearing hoop earrings, a better solution would be to remove them first to eliminate the risk of your earring being pulled out of shape, especially if they are large or you have long hair.

Step 4. If you decide not to remove your hoop or long drop earrings: Hair can get hooked in and around the hoop. Make sure you don’t just pull your hair or your pullover free, as this could loosen your earrings and it won’t matter how strong the clasp is! Not to mention completely pull your earring out of shape. Again, go carefully and please check they are attached securely. We also make use of an added security system, “Lox” (available in store for only R200 for two pairs) as an extra “butterfly” to keep those elusive earrings from flying off your ear despite desperate attempts to move gently.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter how many diamonds there are, or how much you paid for your jewellery, all must be handled with the utmost care and the respect it deserves, and the above steps will ensure your jewellery stays intact!

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