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Sizzling Citrine, the Gem of Optimism – November Birthstone

Both topaz and citrine are the birthstones associated with November. Here we look at the sizzling citrine, associated with power and protection. Associated with self-confidence, happiness, intellect, mental clarity and protection, citrine is one of the best stones to have if you want to protect your personal energy. Beautifully set in a pair of earrings, a pendant or a ring set with other semi precious stones, citrine jewellery is timeless in so many ways.

The Power of the Stunning Citrine

Citrine is also known as an “Optimist’s Stone” because it helps to bring out the best in people by promoting optimism and creativity while diffusing anger or hostility. It can help overcome fear of new ideas or experiences by providing courage to get on with life without being overwhelmed by negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression or insecurity. When you feel powerless to change your circumstances, citrine soothes and strengthens by clearing out self-destructive or negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones bringing a sense of peace and lessening stress.

What are the Colour Characteristics of the Citrine Gem?

Citrine PendantCitrine is a variety of quartz with a colour range from light yellow to deep orange or brownish-red. It’s one of several minerals mined from rock crystal, but its colour and vitreous lustre arises from iron oxide impurities taken from its origin.

For centuries, citrine was known as the “Stone of Gold” because its deep golden yellow hue reminded many of the glint of sunlight on gold coins.

When purchasing jewellery with citrine gemstones, it is important to look closely at the colour of stones and determine if they are light or dark as the price of the citrine stone will depend on this determination.

Light coloured citrine, which is sometimes called “golden” or “yellow” citrine is considered to be the most valuable because it so closely resembles natural top-grade sunstones, which are now extremely rare and highly prized. Deep orange stones are less expensive than yellows but because of their colour they are often misrepresented as top quality citrine. However depth of colour is not always an accurate indication of value so choosing to buy your jewellery through an experienced jewellery will offer you the right peace of mind.

The History and Origin of the Citrine Gemstone

The citrine gemstone is one of the oldest and most recognised gemstones around. It’s been used as jewellery and decoration since ancient times, and was considered by many cultures to be the jewel of the elite.

In the Roman Empire, citrine gemstones were used as a talisman to attract love and happiness. Egyptians of that time also considered it a symbol of prosperity and happiness, and believed it could protect them from negative energy.

Citrine is mined in Brazil, together with other Brazilian stones like amethyst, topaz and green quartz. While citrine remains a relatively affordable gemstone with very high demand, it’s quite rare in nature. As a result, the less expensive smoky quartz and purple amethyst are commonly heat treated to look like citrine so be sure to ask your jewellery it’s exact origin and get a true valuation for what you are buying.

Citrine as the Ideal Gift for Birthdays or Anniversaries

If you are looking for a gift idea for a loved one with a November birthday, of course citrine would be the ideal choice! A gift of citrine jewellery for a birthday or a 13th wedding anniversary will be well-received by many people who find this gemstone to be calming and motivating.

Whether you want to purchase something from our collection online today or have us make an exclusive piece just for you, call Francarlo Jeweller or book a free online consultation to discuss your ideas. Our team will help you find exactly what they’re looking for with expert advice and customer service second-to-none.

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5 Unforgettable Celebrity Engagement Rings from 2021

So far in 2021, we’ve already seen some major engagement announcements and the year isn’t over yet! From blissful selfies to spectacular engagement rings, we’ve revelled in getting a glimpse into the private lives of our favourite celebrities. To share in the joy or find inspiration for your own designs, take a look at these five unforgettable celebrity engagement rings from 2021:

1. Britney Spears & Sam Asghani

Believed to feature a 3.5-carat diamond, Britney’s engagement ring combines classic elegance with hidden sentimentality. The traditional solitaire setting is complimented by flush set diamond detailing on the basket and prongs, while the bridge is enhanced with pavé detailing. A secret diamond hidden under the bridge and a private message engraved on the band are the extra details that make this stunning engagement ring truly unique.


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2. Kate Hudson & Danny Fujikawa

Kate’s been spotted wearing not one but two engagement rings, so keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of her jewellery in the future. The first, set with diamonds, rubies, and pearls, is believed to hold strong sentimental value for the couple. The second, featuring a 10-12 carat champagne colour diamond, took centre stage when Kate took part in a recent photoshoot. The fine diamond set band and the large central diamond combine perfectly to create a mesmerising piece that is sure to bring happiness for years to come.


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3. Paris Hilton & Carter Reum

Inspired by the Grand Palais in France, Paris’ engagement ring is as dazzling and decadent as you’d expect from this well-known socialite. The emerald-cut ring, entitled ‘The Paris’, features a large central diamond accompanied by additional diamonds set on the band. Inside, Paris’ initial is engraved into the ring, along with a sparkling sapphire. Designed for her by her now-fiancé, Carter Reum, and renowned jeweller, Jean Dousset, this engagement ring is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.


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4. Bella Thorne & Benjamin Mascolo

Wearing a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, Bella Thorne announced her upcoming marriage to her fiancé, Benjamin Mascolo, back in March 2021. Obviously thrilled with his choice, Bella gushed, ‘He knows my style so well’, while she proudly displayed the exquisite diamond. However, Bella wasn’t the only one to receive an engagement ring to celebrate their news and she turned the tables and selected an engagement ring for Benjamin too!


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5. Brooke Burke & Scott Rigsby

Following a birthday proposal, Brooke Burke announced her engagement to Scott Rigby by giving us a glimpse of her dazzling engagement ring. The large, central, round brilliant-cut diamond is effortlessly eye-catching, which the pavé setting and accompanying diamonds add the finishing touches to this glittering piece.


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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

If you’re feeling inspired after seeing these celebrity gems, take a look at our sensational range of diamond engagement rings now. From solitaire settings to princess cuts, you’re sure to find the perfect ring for your beloved.

At Francarlo, we’re always on hand to help clients find jewellery that will create unforgettable memories. With experienced in-house designers, you can even design your own engagement ring to create a truly bespoke piece.

To find out more, get in touch with our team today or book a consultation with our designers now.

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Enchanting Facts about the Opal – October Birthstone

Known for its translucent appearance and unique history, the opal is a gemstone that’s beloved by jewellery enthusiasts. As the birthstone for October and the official gemstone for 14th wedding anniversaries, opal jewellery makes an excellent choice of gift for a loved one, friend, or family member.

What Does the Opal Symbolise?

Opals have been highly prized throughout the centuries. The ancient Romans associated them with hope and purity and the ancient Greeks with foresight and prosperity. In Arab countries, opals were believed to fall from the heavens amidst flashes of lightning due to their inimitable iridescence and colour-changing properties.

Throughout time, opals have been associated with a range of mystical properties – both good and bad! Today, however, opals are widely thought to symbolise justice, harmony, desire, and good health, which makes them versatile gifts. Many people believe that the wearer is bestowed with confidence and protection, and this is one of the reasons why opal jewellery is so highly coveted.

What Makes an Opal Change Colour?

Opals are often associated with a milky white hue containing slithers of green, red, and yellow. However, opals actually come in a wide variety of colours, such as black, orange and red.

What’s more – they can display any colour in an iridescent pattern, meaning that they always look unique and ever-changing. As the light hits an opal gemstone, you’ll notice slices and sparks of many different colours, which only serves to enhance the beauty and mysticism of this beautiful stone.

In addition to this, opals can change colour over time due to changes in the stone’s composition. Opals naturally contain a relatively large amount of water and external factors, such as humidity, can affect the stone’s appearance. As a result, you’ll sometimes notice a slight colour change in an opal gemstone, which can increase the beauty of the gemstone and enhance its visual impact.

Why Are There Two Birthstones for October?

You might be surprised to learn that October has two birthstones but, in fact, this isn’t unusual at all. Most months have a modern and traditional birthstone, and opal is the traditional choice for October birthstone jewellery. When coupled with tourmaline, an opal ensures that you can bestow loved ones with exquisite gifts if their birthday falls in October. From spectacular opal earrings to dazzling dress rings, these mesmerising gems are the ultimate gift.

Design Your Own Opal Jewellery

If you want to celebrate a loved one’s October birthday, honour a 14th wedding anniversary, or simply gift someone a stunning piece of jewellery, why not design your own opal jewellery?

At Francarlo, our in-house designers are adept at bringing your vision to life and crafting bespoke rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and more.

With face-to-face and video consultations available, it’s easy to collaborate with our experienced goldsmiths to create a unique design that will last a lifetime. To learn more, get in touch with our team or book a consultation today.

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Your Everything Guide to the Sapphire – September Birthstone

Known for their inimitable blue colour and exquisite appearance, sapphires have been popular for centuries. Worn in Ancient Greece to attain wisdom and in Ancient Persia to strengthen the heart, the symbolism associated with these stunning blue gemstones only serves to enhance their beauty.

As the September birthstone, ‘spring babies’ often wear this gemstone in rings, pendants, or earrings. However, this isn’t the only occasion that sapphires are associated with. They are also used to commemorate and celebrate 45th wedding anniversaries too.

What is the Symbolic Meaning of a Sapphire?

Throughout history, various meanings have been associated with sapphires. However, they are most commonly believed to bestow wisdom and prosperity on the wearer and protect them from harm. In addition to this, sapphires are believed to be a symbol of deep love and longevity, which is one reason why they’re a superb choice for engagement rings when paired with diamonds.

Are Sapphires Expensive?

Like all gemstones, the price of sapphires varies depending on several factors. The colour, cut, clarity, and carat of the stone will have the biggest impact on how much a sapphire is valued.

coloured sapphire rings

While many people assume that all sapphires are blue, this isn’t the case. You’ll find sapphires in a wide range of colours, including yellow, pink, violet, green and purple. Known as, ‘fancy sapphires’, these gemstones are valued using the same principles as blue sapphire.

Generally, the more uniform and intense the colour is, the more valuable a stone will be. If you’re choosing a blue sapphire, for example, stones with vivid colour and a medium or medium-dark tone are usually the most expensive. Similarly, higher clarity stones are typically the most expensive, although most sapphires do have some inclusions.

While the price of sapphires can vary, their sentimental value never does. Whether you spoil someone with sapphire jewellery to celebrate a September birthday, commemorate an anniversary, or ask for their hand in marriage with a beautiful wedding ring, you can be sure that this exquisite gemstone will be priceless to the recipient.

Fit for Royalty

Sapphires have been associated with royalty for centuries and continue to be linked to royal dynasties to this day. In fact, the most famous sapphire in the world is, perhaps, the engagement ring belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge. The spectacular sapphire and diamond engagement ring, once owned by Diana, Princess of Wales, is, unsurprisingly, a superb example of sapphire jewellery and showcases this gemstone to perfection.

Designing your own Jewellery

Whether you’re choosing a sapphire engagement ring, selecting a precious stone pendant or gifting a loved one diamond earrings, designing your own jewellery can be the best way to create a unique piece that’s perfectly suited to the wearer.

At Francarlo, we are experienced goldsmiths and we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable memories through the jewellery we create. By working closely with our customers, we create bespoke jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team today or book a consultation with one of our in-house designers now.

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5 Must-Have Jewellery Pieces every Women has to have

Jewellery is a way for women to express their personal style and show off their individuality. It is an accessory that can be worn every day and on special occasions too.

Jewellery has always been about style and fashion, but now it’s seen as more than just aesthetics, it can act as a symbol of power and success for women around the world.

With so many different options and styles of jewellery pieces out there, it can be hard to know which ones you need in your collection. Here at Francarlo Designer Goldsmith, we take pride in our warm friendly approach to every client and our range of jewellery that can be bought online or designed specifically for you by our in-house goldsmiths.

We’ve picked five of our most favourite must-have jewellery pieces to suit every woman’s needs that are most appropriate for any occasion or event you could think of!

1. Earrings

Just like how different people have different personalities, so too do they have different styles when it comes to wearing earrings. For a simple sophisticated look, gold hoops or studs with diamonds may be just what you want; whereas someone who wants something a little more bold may opt for colourful drop style earrings with semi-precious stones or tanzanites.

The idea is to find what best represents your personality and wear it accordingly. Wearing the right earrings can make you feel more confident and special.

Wearing an accessory like statement earrings to create a look all your own – one that expresses who you are, what your mood may be for that day, is just a small way to allow your inner self to glow. No matter what type of woman you are there are plenty of earring options available both in our online store and in-store.

2. Necklaces

What woman doesn’t want to feel like a princess? Necklaces are one of the best ways to dress up your outfit and turn heads.

Who says pearls have to be pearl white? Pearls necklace are a classic and can be worn for any occasion. Silver necklaces look elegant, yet modern with their sleek shine. Gold necklaces on the other hand can have a more vintage feel to them that many women love-especially when paired with matching earrings!

Necklaces can be worn on their own, with pendants or charms or layered together with other necklaces to create the ultimate statement piece.

3. Pendants

And of course, a beautiful necklace deserves a beautiful pendant.

Pendants can be symbolic and hold much sentiment. They can be custom made to capture a special moment or someone in your life. They can be made out of silver, gold or other materials with designs that range from simple to elaborate depending on the customer’s preference.

As experienced goldsmiths we are able to create any piece to your requirements, just contact us.

Pendants with birthstones are also popular as well as Nom Nom diamond and coloured stone charms that can be added to Nom Nom necklaces.

4. Dress rings

Whether it’s a dress ring for special occasions or something you’ll wear every day – there is a vast selection of options when it comes to dress rings. It’s always nice to have options to suit different occasions. It could be something simple for everyday wear such as an elegant stacking set or perhaps something a bit bolder with large semi-precious stones or beautiful tanzanites.

Dress rings can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be and are perfect for dressing up any outfit if you want something to help your style and personality stand out.

They also work really well for gifting because they can be as simple or extravagant as desired, depending on what type of person you’re buying for.

5. Bracelets and Bangles

One of our favourite ways to accessorize any outfit is with a bracelet or bangle. They can be worn for work, casual or formal occasions and come in so many different styles which you can effortlessly match current trends and your personality.

For years, silver bracelets have been considered both elegant and eye-catching and a timeless choice. Gold bracelets come in a wide selection of polished or matte white gold, yellow gold or rose gold options to suit any budget. Charm bracelets are adored by all ages and make for an excellent gift for anyone special to you.

Choosing a Style just for you

Francarlo Designer Goldsmith has been a family-owned jewellery store for over five decades, and the experience of our expert team is what sets us apart.

If you need guidance in finding the perfect piece just stop by our store or book a free online consultation as we would love to help create an unforgettable custom piece just for you to add to your collection

Whether you are looking for simple or extravagant styles we will meet your expectations with our vast selection of earrings, necklaces, pendants, dress rings, bracelets, bangles and more.

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Peridot – August Birthstone

You might know the peridot as the birthstone for August, but there is plenty more to find out about this spectacular gem. Characterised by its exquisite green hue and light-reflecting properties, it’s revered for its beauty and symbolism the world over.

To learn more, take a look at these six facts you may not have known about peridot …

1. It’s an Anniversary Gem

As well as being the August birthstone, peridot is also an anniversary gem. To be more precise, peridot is well-known as the stone associated with a 16th wedding anniversary. This makes peridot jewellery the perfect gift for a loved one if you’re celebrating sixteen happy years together.

2. It’s Found on Earth and in Space

As you might expect, peridot is found deep in the Earth’s mantle, but this isn’t the only place you’ll find this spectacular gemstone. It can also be found in lava and within meteorites. Originating in outer space, meteorites that make it through the Earth’s atmosphere have been found to contain this precious gem, and it’s even been found in comet dust brought back from space explorations.

3. It’s the National Gem of Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, peridot was referred to as ‘the gem of the sun’, and it’s been recognised as the country’s national gem for centuries. Once mined on Zabargad Island, Egyptian Peridot was revered for over 3,500 years, although production slowed down and eventually ceased in the mid-19th century.

4. It Ranges from Yellow-Green to Deep-Green

Peridot is one of the few gemstones seen only in one colour, but it does come in a range of hues. You’ll find pale examples of the stone in yellow-green and much deeper shades too. Typically, it’s Egyptian Peridot that features darker shades, although gems found in other areas do reach all ends of the colour spectrum.

4. It’s Known as the ‘Evening Emerald’

One of the charming things about gemstones is the way they glitter in the light and seem to change based on their surroundings. When you’re wearing peridot earrings, for example, the gem will look a little darker when you’re in soft light. It’s for this reason that peridot became known as ‘evening emerald’ because the soft evening light brings out the darker hues of the gem.

5. It’s Believed to Bring Good Health

While the striking appearance of peridot makes jewellery featuring this gem the perfect gift, you’ll also be bestowing the recipient with wishes of good health and abundance. The symbolism surrounding peridot represents good health, restful sleep, and even emotional balance, which makes peridot pendants meaningful gifts for yourself, friends, or family members.

6. It Has High Double Refraction

Not all gems have double refraction, but peridot certainly does. This means that the gem naturally splits the light, which ensures it retains a sparkling appearance and long-lasting brightness.

Choosing Peridot Jewellery

From bespoke peridot rings to exquisite earrings and pendants, our range of peridot jewellery ensures you’ll find the perfect piece. Our in-house goldsmiths are always happy to help you create a unique piece, so why not talk to us about your requirements today?

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Power of the Radiant Ruby – July Birthstone

Known for their rich colour and fluorescent colour, rubies are an exquisite gem. Coveted for centuries, they have come to be recognised as one of the most valuable precious stones of all time. In fact, it was a rare Jubilee Ruby that set the record as the highest priced coloured gem when it was sold at the world-renowned auction house, Christie’s.

Given their spectacular appearance and outstanding properties, it should come as no surprise that rubies are a much-loved gift. Appreciated both as a birthstone in their own right, ruby jewellery is the ideal choice for a loved one, a cherished family member, or a beloved friend.

Where do Rubies come from?

Taken from the Latin word, Rubeus, the name ‘ruby’ represents the fiery red colour that characterises these gems. When translated into ancient Sanskrit as ratnaraj, rubies were recognised as the ‘king of precious stones’, and this still holds true today. Valued for centuries, rubies were seen as symbols of success and wealth in ancient Indian culture and wearing one was said to ensure the owner would enjoy a long life.

Although rubies are mined around the world, it is the Mogok and Mong Hsu regions of Burma that are best-known for these precious gems. Sometimes known as ‘Pigeon Blood rubies’, Burmese rubies are characterised by their rich, blood-red hue with purple undertones.

What do Rubies Mean Today?

Today, the folklore surrounding these stunning gems continues. The official birthstone of July, rubies are said to represent courage, emotion, passion, and love, which is why ruby jewellery is such a meaningful gift.

However, rubies don’t only signify July birthdays, as they are also the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries. When couples celebrate this milestone, precious stone jewellery, such as ruby rings or ruby earrings, make for the perfect gift.

In addition to this, the traditional gifts associated with 15th wedding anniversaries have seen ruby jewellery becoming a popular gift at this time too. Traditionally, 15th wedding anniversaries were symbolised by crystal, although ‘red jewellery’ has become an increasingly popular alternative. Of course, there is no finer choice than rubies when it comes to ‘red jewellery, which is why they have come to symbolise this celebration too.

Choosing Ruby Jewellery

Whether you’re choosing ruby jewellery as a gift for a loved one or as something special for yourself, you’ll want to ensure that the piece is as meaningful as possible.

At Francarlo, we take pride in designing spectacular jewellery for all occasions and budgets. With more than 50 years of experience, we go the extra mile to deliver a caring and personalised service to every client.

As well as designing custom pieces, we also have a stunning range of ready-to-wear ruby jewellery. From exquisite ruby pendants and stud and drop earrings to bands and cluster rings, we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect piece.

Buy online or book an in-store or online consultation with us today to begin designing your choice of bespoke ruby jewellery.

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Pearl Jewellery, its Meaning and what it Symbolises – June Birthstone

Characterised by their lustre and mesmerising colour, pearls are an exquisite addition to any jewellery collection. While the visual impact of pearls ensures they are always a welcome addition to earrings, necklaces and bracelets, the symbolism and folklore surrounding these gems only makes them more precious.

What is the Meaning of Pearl Jewellery?

Signifying success, happiness, and love, pearl jewellery is said to bestow good fortune on the wearer. Of course, this makes pearls a superb gift for loved ones. As the traditional birthstone for the month of June, people born during this month tend to have a benevolent outlook and caring personality, combined with a keen eye for detail.

While our range of pearl necklaces and bracelets make ideal gifts for friends and family with birthdays in June, there is another occasion that is centred around these spectacular gems too. Pearls are a classic gift given and received on 30th wedding anniversaries. Said to represent the beauty and rarity of such a long union, the subtle splendour of pearls ensures they are a spectacular gift for a spouse or partner.

What do Pearls Symbolise?

First noted as far back as 2,206 BC, pearls have been highly coveted for centuries. Once reserved for emperors in the Byzantine Empire, mystery and mysticism have surrounded pearls since they were first discovered, which led many people to believe they had magical properties.

Unlike other gemstones, pearls are formed naturally in the sea, in oysters, clams or mussels. Although modern techniques also mean that cultivated pearls can be created, it’s this natural formation process that led to pearls being known as ‘mermaid’s tears’.

Today, pearls are widely believed to symbolise wealth and wisdom, as well as innocence and purity. It is, perhaps, their unique origins and scarcity that has led to pearls being associated with these traits. However, the never-ending quest for the ‘perfect’ pearl has also contributed to the lore surrounding these spectacular gems.

Choosing Pearl Jewellery

Whether you’re treating yourself to a pair of stunning pearl earrings or gifting pearl jewellery to a loved one, you’ll want to find the perfect gem and style. Fortunately, pearls look fantastic paired with contemporary jewellery and with traditional pieces, which makes them an ideal choice for everyone.

At Francarlo, we know just how important it is to select the right piece of jewellery, which is why we’re always on hand to assist with your selection. With our bespoke jewellery designing service, you can even create your very own pearl jewellery and have it handcrafted here at our in-store studio.

Arrange a Video Consultation

To view our range of spectacular jewellery or to talk to our experienced designers about creating your own custom piece, why not arrange a consultation today? We welcome customers in-store and provide video consultations too, so simply let us know which is more convenient for you.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry and a passion for creating exquisite jewellery that lasts for generations, let us bring your vision to life and create your dream piece of pearl jewellery.

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The Emerald, its Meaning and Important Facts – May Birthstone

Of all the gems at Francarlo, we seriously love the emerald, which is the May birthstone. The emerald is the most legendary of all the gems, a favourite of Cleopatra who often adorned herself in emeralds. South American folklore has it that ancient Incas once worshipped a giant emerald that was said to be the size of a man’s head, and the Holy Grail is said to be decorated with gold and emeralds.

The History and Origin of Emeralds

Emeralds have become a symbol of style, wealth, and beauty over the past two centuries. They have been worn by many iconic royal and celebrity women including Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, and even Queen Elizabeth II, who all loved emerald jewellery. Emeralds are made from beryl and the green colour of these unique gems comes from vanadium or chromium. It registers at a similar level to hardened steel on the Mohs scale of hardness at 7.5-8, however, these gems can be quite brittle since they contain natural inclusions. The word ‘emerald’ comes from the Greek word smaragdus, which means green.

Emerald Colours

While emeralds are traditionally green, the shade can vary from yellow-green to blue-green. To be considered a true emerald, the stone must be a medium to dark tone of green, and the emerald must display great transparency in order to be considered valuable. The colour of an emerald is based on its hue, purity, and intensity. The more vivid the green, the more valuable the emerald will be. Emeralds are often stunningly paired with other metals and coloured gems to make gorgeous jewellery, such as our range of yellow gold emerald and diamond ring jewellery.

Healing Powers of the Emerald

The emerald is known as the ‘stone of successful love’ and is considered by many to have healing powers, attracting loyalty and improving relationships in particular. It is considered to enhance unity, unconditional love, and friendship. The emerald stimulates the heart chakra, which is why at Francarlo, we suggest an emerald cluster pendant to wear close to your heart if you want to experience all the healing powers of this beautiful gem.

Famous Emeralds

Emeralds are a firm favourite among the rich and famous and there have been many notable jewels worn by iconic people over the years. Queen Elizabeth II has a famous emerald brooch that she will often pair with coordinating outfits for royal outings and occasions. Another famous piece of emerald jewellery that the Queen owns is her Vladimir Tiara, which is adorned with emerald drops that tell a fascinating story. Originally belonging to an Indian royal, the tiara is rumoured to be a favourite of the Queen. But it’s not just royalty that loves this gem – at the 2009 Oscars, Angelina Jolie wore a pair of gorgeous emerald earrings that were valued at a massive $2m.

Do you love the rich, royal green shade of emeralds? Let us create your dream piece of emerald jewellery for an engagement, gift, or just because you want something stunning for yourself.

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Shine Like a Diamond – April Birthstone

One of the most sought-after and admired gemstones around the world, the diamond is the birthstone of those who are lucky enough to be born in the month of April. The diamond is a symbol of strength and clarity. This gemstone is so strong that its name comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which translates to unbreakable.

Diamonds have been timeless and cherished around the world long before they were named as the birthstone for April. At Francarlo, we offer diamond jewellery for all occasions. Let us create your dream piece of diamond earrings or a diamond ring for that special somebody in your life.

History and Origin of the Diamond

Diamonds were originally gathered from the rivers and streams in India, and they have been traded around the world from as early as 4 BC. Diamonds were favoured by the wealthy and royalty of the

world. They were brought to medieval markets in Venice by caravans carrying exotic merchandise from India and became fashionable accessories for the European elite by the 1400s.

Today, diamonds are the most popular choice of stone used in engagement ring, but the very first recorded one was given by Austria’s Archduke Maximillian when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. By the 1700s, diamond supplies in India were on the decline and Brazil became a new important source of the gemstone, dominating the diamond market for over a century.

Since then, diamonds have become the most popular choice for engagement rings as the stone is also considered to be the symbol of affection and love. Diamond engagement rings did not become popular around the world until the 1940s. Today, they are the top choice along with deep blue stones like tanzanite rings.

The 4 C’s of Diamonds:

Our range of diamonds and their value is determined by the four C’s, which are Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.

1. Carat

This is the measurement unit used when weighing the diamond. One carat equals 0.2g, and the weight of a diamond has a significant impact on its worth.

2. Colour

The colour of a diamond is graded from D-Z, with truly colourless at D, E and F the highest quality. G, H, I and J are awarded to diamonds that are almost colourless, while anything further down the scale will have obvious hints of colour. One exception to this rule is rare coloured diamonds in pink, blue, green, orange and yellow that are very valuable.

3. Clarity

Clarity is determined by the number, type, and size of any flaws found in a diamond.

4. Cut

The cut of a diamond impacts its ability to reflect the light, therefore has a significant influence on a diamond’s worth. It is the one factor that is man-made rather than natural.

Our own workshop and goldsmiths love to create your dream pieces for any occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect diamond jewellery, we’d love to help. Visit us in-store, shop online, book an online video consultation or call and Whats App us on 083 201 0711