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December Birthstone – Tanzanite, the Rare and Stunning Stone of Magic

Tanzanite – it’s one of those extremely beautiful, eye-catching, and yet rare gemstones. Designated as a birthstone for those born in the month of December, this stone is actually extremely versatile, pairing well with other metals and used in a wide variety of jewellery today. Thanks to its lovely blue and purple colour, tanzanite jewellery manages to pop and hold its own no matter how it is worn. But don’t just take our word for it let’s take a closer look at this stunning stone.

Where did Tanzanite Originate from?

tanzanite earring studs and pendantsWhat’s really interesting about tanzanite is that it’s a relative newcomer in terms of gemstones. It wasn’t until the 1960s that it was first discovered in Tanzania and then used in Western-style jewellery making. The name “Tanzanite” was given to the stone by Tiffany and Company and is meant to specifically identify the mineral zoisite.

The stone itself has a distinct and beautiful purple-blue colouring and has quickly become the second most popular blue gemstone, right after the sapphire. To this day, tanzanite is only found in northern Tanzania, with the mines close to the city of Arusha, nearby the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

It wasn’t until 2002 that tanzanite was officially designated as a “modern birthstone” for the month of December. Our show-stopping tanzanite earrings or a lovely tanzanite pendant are some of the most eye-catching and popular ways to showcase the birthstone. And if you’re looking for a modern day dress ring, tanzanite stones pair beautifully with diamonds to help compliment the vivid hue even more.

A Rare Beauty as No Two Stones are alike

Another quality of tanzanite is the fact that no two stones are alike, so you truly get a sense of rarity no matter which piece of tanzanite jewellery you pick. While the stone itself always looks violet-blue, its colour intensity can differ. Heat treatment is used on it to help oxidise and therefore change the colour. Heat actually makes the blue tone more noticeable and it brings out the richness.

All that’s needed is about 30 minutes of 600 degrees Celsius heat in order to enhance its natural colouring. The end result is that you have tanzanite that is very bright and vivid blue or a stone that has more of a pale blue hue to it.

Tanzanite and Celebrities – a Popular Pairing

beyonce-blue-tanzanite-ringCelebrities have also embraced the gemstone, which of course has helped to propel its popularity. Tanzanite jewellery has been spotted on such big names as Beyoncé, who has a 10+ carat cushion cut tanzanite ring, given to her by her husband, rapper Jay-Z to celebrate the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy. Anne Hathaway has also worn tanzanite and diamond earrings at a past Oscar awards ceremony, and Sarah Jessica Parker, who has been photographed wearing a diamond and tanzanite pendant and matching ring at an event hosted by Tiffany and Co back in 2013.

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