Did you know?

Did you know?

1. Small wonder they’re so valuable! Most Diamonds are 1-3 Million years old. That’s impressive!

2. The color of gold: Pure Gold is always yellow, but it can be changed by adding in different metals. This is how we get white gold, red gold, pink cold, green gold, etc.

3. Jewelry slang: Popular slang terms for jewelry include bling bling, ice, kandi, and rock.

4. Movies anyone??? In the musical “Moulin Rouge”, Nicole Kidman wore the most expensive piece of jewelry ever designed specifically for a movie. She wore a necklace valued at approximately $1 million and it was made from platinum and 1,308 diamonds.

5. A little tradition: The custom of giving an engagement ring started in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a gold ring with a diamond as a token of his love for her.

6. Where do you wear your ring? Engagement rings are worn on different fingers in different countries. Canada, England, France, and the US, for example, traditionally wear the engagement ring on the left hand. Germany, Russia, and India, on the other hand, where the engagement ring on the right hand.

7. What’s your birthstone? Did you know that the idea of a birthstone is believed to date back to the time of Moses? Scholars believe that the breast plate of the High Priest had 12 colored gem stones that represented the 12 tribes of Israel and each tribe had its own color. Overtime, people would wear one gemstone a month and then finally only one gemstone all year long – the birth month gemstone!

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