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The Emerald, its Meaning and Important Facts – May Birthstone

Of all the gems at Francarlo, we seriously love the emerald, which is the May birthstone. The emerald is the most legendary of all the gems, a favourite of Cleopatra who often adorned herself in emeralds. South American folklore has it that ancient Incas once worshipped a giant emerald that was said to be the size of a man’s head, and the Holy Grail is said to be decorated with gold and emeralds.

The History and Origin of Emeralds

Emeralds have become a symbol of style, wealth, and beauty over the past two centuries. They have been worn by many iconic royal and celebrity women including Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, and even Queen Elizabeth II, who all loved emerald jewellery. Emeralds are made from beryl and the green colour of these unique gems comes from vanadium or chromium. It registers at a similar level to hardened steel on the Mohs scale of hardness at 7.5-8, however, these gems can be quite brittle since they contain natural inclusions. The word ‘emerald’ comes from the Greek word smaragdus, which means green.

Emerald Colours

While emeralds are traditionally green, the shade can vary from yellow-green to blue-green. To be considered a true emerald, the stone must be a medium to dark tone of green, and the emerald must display great transparency in order to be considered valuable. The colour of an emerald is based on its hue, purity, and intensity. The more vivid the green, the more valuable the emerald will be. Emeralds are often stunningly paired with other metals and coloured gems to make gorgeous jewellery, such as our range of yellow gold emerald and diamond ring jewellery.

Healing Powers of the Emerald

The emerald is known as the ‘stone of successful love’ and is considered by many to have healing powers, attracting loyalty and improving relationships in particular. It is considered to enhance unity, unconditional love, and friendship. The emerald stimulates the heart chakra, which is why at Francarlo, we suggest an emerald cluster pendant to wear close to your heart if you want to experience all the healing powers of this beautiful gem.

Famous Emeralds

Emeralds are a firm favourite among the rich and famous and there have been many notable jewels worn by iconic people over the years. Queen Elizabeth II has a famous emerald brooch that she will often pair with coordinating outfits for royal outings and occasions. Another famous piece of emerald jewellery that the Queen owns is her Vladimir Tiara, which is adorned with emerald drops that tell a fascinating story. Originally belonging to an Indian royal, the tiara is rumoured to be a favourite of the Queen. But it’s not just royalty that loves this gem – at the 2009 Oscars, Angelina Jolie wore a pair of gorgeous emerald earrings that were valued at a massive $2m.

Do you love the rich, royal green shade of emeralds? Let us create your dream piece of emerald jewellery for an engagement, gift, or just because you want something stunning for yourself.