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Enchanting Facts about the Opal – October Birthstone

Known for its translucent appearance and unique history, the opal is a gemstone that’s beloved by jewellery enthusiasts. As the birthstone for October and the official gemstone for 14th wedding anniversaries, opal jewellery makes an excellent choice of gift for a loved one, friend, or family member.

What Does the Opal Symbolise?

Opals have been highly prized throughout the centuries. The ancient Romans associated them with hope and purity and the ancient Greeks with foresight and prosperity. In Arab countries, opals were believed to fall from the heavens amidst flashes of lightning due to their inimitable iridescence and colour-changing properties.

Throughout time, opals have been associated with a range of mystical properties – both good and bad! Today, however, opals are widely thought to symbolise justice, harmony, desire, and good health, which makes them versatile gifts. Many people believe that the wearer is bestowed with confidence and protection, and this is one of the reasons why opal jewellery is so highly coveted.

What Makes an Opal Change Colour?

Opals are often associated with a milky white hue containing slithers of green, red, and yellow. However, opals actually come in a wide variety of colours, such as black, orange and red.

What’s more – they can display any colour in an iridescent pattern, meaning that they always look unique and ever-changing. As the light hits an opal gemstone, you’ll notice slices and sparks of many different colours, which only serves to enhance the beauty and mysticism of this beautiful stone.

In addition to this, opals can change colour over time due to changes in the stone’s composition. Opals naturally contain a relatively large amount of water and external factors, such as humidity, can affect the stone’s appearance. As a result, you’ll sometimes notice a slight colour change in an opal gemstone, which can increase the beauty of the gemstone and enhance its visual impact.

Why Are There Two Birthstones for October?

You might be surprised to learn that October has two birthstones but, in fact, this isn’t unusual at all. Most months have a modern and traditional birthstone, and opal is the traditional choice for October birthstone jewellery. When coupled with tourmaline, an opal ensures that you can bestow loved ones with exquisite gifts if their birthday falls in October. From spectacular opal earrings to dazzling dress rings, these mesmerising gems are the ultimate gift.

Design Your Own Opal Jewellery

If you want to celebrate a loved one’s October birthday, honour a 14th wedding anniversary, or simply gift someone a stunning piece of jewellery, why not design your own opal jewellery?

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