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The Heritage of South African Jewellery

As Heritage Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to look a little more closely at the heritage of South African jewellery and the impact it has on our ‘Rainbow Nation’. Providing a glimpse into the history and culture of South Africa, jewellery has been worn with pride for centuries. In fact, experts estimate that people have worn jewellery for more than 75,000 years, which highlights just how important jewellery has been throughout the evolution of our spectacular country.

rose gold pendant with amethyst and shellJewellery with a Natural Feel

When jewellery first became popular in South Africa, people made use of the abundant natural materials that were around them. Organic materials were used to create intricate carvings and shells were used to add decorative elements to bracelets and necklaces until beads become common currency.

We can see the continuation of this theme in many of the pieces that are worn today. Nom Nom bracelets with zebra clasps and pendants with inlaid shell provide a contemporary representation of what was first worn as jewellery.

South African Diamonds

Despite being highly coveted the world over, diamonds are synonymous with South Africa. Yet it wasn’t until the mid-19th century that diamonds were first discovered here. Since then, the excavation of these exquisite gemstones has resulted in several mines being opened in South Africa.

Believed to represent invincibility, the gemstone quickly became associated with marriage and engagements. To symbolise the endless love between a couple, diamond wedding bands and engagement rings are an exquisite and elegant choice.

Of course, diamonds aren’t just reserved for these special occasions. As well as being the birthstone for April and the gemstone that represents 60 years of marriage, diamonds are believed to bestow the wearer with strength and health. It is, perhaps, these associations, along with their exceptional beauty, that makes diamond rings a trend that stands the test of time as the perfect way to show your love and commitment.

diamond and gold earringsHeritage Day at Francarlo Designer Goldsmith

Since arriving in South Africa from Italy in 1968, Francarlo Designer Goldsmith founder, Francarlo Micilotta, has combined his Italian heritage with that of his new homeland, South Africa. From pendants and rings to earrings and bracelets, you’ll find a variety of pieces that represent the Rainbow Nation at Francarlo Designer Goldsmith.

Often blending the characteristic jewellery designs of his homeland with the rich properties of South African jewellery, these spectacular Italian design gold diamond earrings showcase the strong link between Francarlo’s two home countries.

Bespoke Jewellery Design

If you want to commemorate Heritage Day, celebrate another special occasion, or create a meaningful and everlasting gift for a loved one, our expert jewellery designers will be only too happy to help. Dedicated to crafting bespoke pieces that spark unforgettable memories, our in-house team work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.

To learn more, explore our range or book an online consultation for bespoke made jewellery with one of our experienced jewellery designers today. In the meantime, we join you in celebrating South Africa’s culture, history, and strength on Heritage Day 2021!