I’m Not A Jewellery Person!

We’ve heard people say that they’re not a jewellery person but are they really not? There must have been at least one special occasion in their lives that called upon them to bring out the pearls, diamanté earrings or gold bracelet.

The truth is that we all wear jewellery for different reasons: There may be diamonds that your grandmother or mother has bequeathed you or an anniversary that your loved one has surprised you with, a statement ring or delicate pendant. Think about when you were married: for those of you who said “I do” – your rings were the symbol of an eternal love and commitment.

When you had your 21st, 40th, 50th birthday or anniversary, that beautiful gift of love is a constant reminder to you that you are cherished and loved.

Yes, some people are quite lavish with their adornments while others are shy and choose subtle pieces to wear. That is the beauty of being unique- we wear jewellery that suits our style and personality. There is one unmistakable thing about jewellery: it makes us feel something- maybe it makes you feel attractive or reminds you of a loved one, a special friend or a time in your life. It is symbolic and it is personal because it tells your story and at a glance or a gentle rub, you are instantly reminded about someone, a place, a moment. It makes you feel happy and can even lead you to occasionally shed a tear…..

Jewellery has and always will be an expression of love, friendship and treasured times. It is one of the best accessories you can wear to compliment your personality. Deep down, we are all jewellery people in one way or another. Come on, let’s be honest, you would feel a little naked without it! We’re not all the same type of jewellery people and that’s what makes it so special.

Wear jewellery that makes you feel something, as long as that something is loved!

Post Written by: Janice Kruger
Image by: Ignacio Campo

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  1. awesome article. this can help anyone in term of finding jewelry for him/her

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