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January Birthstone – Fascinating Facts about the Garnet

The garnet is a beautifully unique gemstone, known for being the January birthstone. This stone, however, is not only a favourite for January babies. Rather, it is a popular stone of choice for many due to its exceptional sparkle, deep, gorgeous hue, and a vast selection of colours. Furthermore, the garnet is believed to hold wonderful healing properties, making it a favourite for those who practice spirituality. Let us take a closer look at this magnificent stone and why it’s used to create breathtaking garnet jewellery.

Where did the Garnet Originate from?

Where garnets come from depends on the specific variety you have in mind. You will find most red garnets originate from India, whereas the rare reddish-orange garnets are sourced from Myanmar. Russia is the original source for the rare, deep green garnets; Sri Lanka the home of the reddish-purple garnet; and Namibia produces garnets with a strong orange hue.

Today there is a large selection of garnet hues available to choose from, making it a wonderful stone of choice. And although the fiery red is the most known colour for the garnet, you can also choose from oranges, pinks, greens, blues and even yellows!

A Stone with Exceptional Properties and Characteristics

But what is so special about garnet? Well, garnets apparently possess qualities that can help improve a person’s vitality and health, while protecting wearers from negativity. It is because of these unique characteristics that the garnet is used for manifestation purposes and worn for good luck. Considered a lucky talisman, the garnet is believed to help build self-confidence while bringing high energy and protection to the wearer.

Because of the garnet’s lucky properties, many believe the stone can help one succeed not only in their day-to-day life but also in the world of business. This is because the stone is thought to bring zen-like properties so that the wearer’s moods stabilise and becomes more balanced.

The Royal Family and the Garnet as a Thoughtful Gift

Many celebrities love wearing garnet jewellery, with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge being the most famous garnet wearer to date. She wears a ring with a garnet (her birthstone) and pearls, Prince William’s to symbolise their loving and beautiful relationship.

Combining the array of beautiful colours along with the healing and positive qualities this stone is believed to bring, it is easy to understand why the garnet is a popular gift, perfectly set in a pair of earrings or elegant ring. Not only is the garnet typically given as a gift for the second year of marriage, but it is a wonderful gem to gift any of your loved ones with.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not present your loved one with stunning garnet jewellery, such as a beautiful garnet pendant, ring or earrings. Explain the protective and positive properties of a garnet so that they understand the true meaning behind such a wonderful gem.

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