With August being women’s month, and the opportunity to celebrate the amazing women on our life’s journey, what better time than now, to reflect on those special times, beautiful memories and the jewels marking significant milestones

From an early age, I am sure many of us were filled with admiration for our mothers and our grandmothers, aware of how beautiful they were, perhaps even awestruck by glittering adornments, fascinated by the sparkling gemstones, perhaps too, by their gold necklaces or beads, which were so gloriously wonderful to grip onto, pull, touch and feel, maybe even a bit to their consternation! Our young minds already appreciating all things beautiful, not realising at the time that we’re attaching these special treasures to memories of our loved ones.

Not only does jewellery hold powerful memories of people, places and important celebration, or maybe even sadness, it is forever present as we move through the different stages of our lives, either passed to us as heirlooms or the ability to become them… such is the legacy of these treasures.

When we are babies, gifts of baby bangles, bib pins, perhaps a pendant on a chain, symbolising holistic belief or culture, are the first to mark the milestone of our birth or religious ceremony. Some of these decorative items might have already been passed down from generations before, the emotional value far outweighing any monetary one.

As we move into early childhood, daisy chains, colourful macaroni necklaces and garish bead bracelets become the order of the day, dressing up to look like mom, proudly layering on our homemade creations. Zero inhibitions, just fun!

The pre and early teens are upon us in a flash! Suddenly self conscious and easily embarrassed! Most prefer the understated delicate little chain and sweet silver pendant or locket, a fine little bracelet, or tiny little ring- All gifts from family or friends for a birthday or special celebration.

Sweet sixteen and parents can’t believe how fast time flies, little girls no longer, moving steadily towards womanhood. Our jewellery starts to become more significant to us, aware of the meaning behind the gift, new memories are being created, perhaps an heirloom is passed down, confident they will be well looked after, or perhaps put away again until a later date? Nonetheless it will always be remembered to have been received for that birthday, already with the intention of passing down to a future generation on their sixteenth birthday.

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