We jump ahead to our twenties, our style has most certainly changed from our days of youthful innocence, entering into the working world, forging ahead with confidence, fearless, hungry for knowledge and new experiences, perhaps even having had the good fortune to travel. Our jewels may even take on a personality of their own as we try to make our mark in the world!

Pinterest and Instagram become the popular “go-to,” holding our attention as we follow the latest fashion trends with the notion, “if it’s on Insta, it must be cool, right?!” Even though keeping up to date may be important to us, still the little ring from “sweet sixteen” or diamond pendant from your “21st” will feature, forever earning significant emotional value.

As we move into our later twenties and thirties, it’s weddings, babies and plenty to celebrate as life changing experiences have moulded us into the people we are to become. Gone are some of the insecurities, (hopefully!) and engagement rings are the talk amongst friends.

Family may produce heirlooms from generations past, and some become sentimental as stories unfold and we think about those we miss and cherish. What joy as your precious jewel, a token of love from your beloved is given to you, symbolising the commitment and promise as you embark on a new adventure, excited to discover together what the future will bring.

As your little unit begins to grow, new memories are made, jewellery again signifying a token of love, this time perhaps more classic pieces, as you welcome your newborn into the world, which in years to come will be that special jewel – a beautiful reminder and legacy to be passed onto them and future generations.

As the years pass, anniversaries and milestones are celebrated, jewellery collections grow, as though we are “growing into” our jewellery as we mature, perhaps we become a little more daring, bigger and bolder, the delicate items once enjoyed are a thing of the past as we find new joy in passing these items to our offspring and our offspring’s offspring, as they, too, are in the stage of their lives where it is appreciated and much loved, the sentimentality and memories linked to metal and gemstones of whichever value, little or dear, rendering them priceless.

And so as the circle of life evolves in nature, humanity and all things of this glorious universe, so too does the jewellery in our families, passed through the generations and becoming TIMELESS, PRECIOUS tokens of LOVE.

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