Men’s Jewellery Guide for Summer

We know how important it is for men to look on point and with summer approaching and the temperature rising mean less layers of clothing so how do you keep your look fresh and dynamic? Well here is our solution. Try investing in a couple of pieces of jewellery to add interest to your look that will have everyone turning heads.

2015 has plenty of options for you depending on your own personal taste – you can pull off anything with the right level of confidence.

Bracelets and Cuffs

While some style purists will still argue a watch is the only accessory suitable for a man’s wrist, recent trends have got us begging to differ. Historically men may have been wary of jewellery but given the growth in the market over the past few years, it seems plenty men are now giving it a go.

Bracelets and cuffs are perfect for adding personality and character to your look when wearing lightweight t-shirts and vests. This season is all about the modern wrap bracelet, something with a clean design that’s casual and can be worn all summer long. A well-placed leather bracelet will bring a little understated texture to your look and can – depending on the style – appear ruggedly casual or surprisingly smart. If your style is more surf’s up than buttoned up, consider a colourful beaded or textile bracelets. These work well layered up on one, or both, of your wrists.

Looking for something more statement-making? Try adding a quality cuff or two to your accessories collection. We have a wide range of expertly crafted cuffs that don’t cost the earth.


Slightly more dangerous territory than bracelets and cuffs, necklaces are notoriously difficult to wear well. The key here is to keep things as low key as possible. Necklaces that are big – either in size of aesthetic – are traditionally associated with womenswear, so look for slim to medium width chains and pendants in silver, brass and gold, which you can team with V-neck t-shirts and tests during summer.

Feel free to layer your necklaces, provided the styles you’ve chosen are slight enough – this works nicely under the collar of a smart shirt buttoned-up to the top.

If metal is not on your hit list, try a leather or beaded design. These look great combined with unbuttoned (we talking one or two buttons here) cotton and linen shirts.


Far from just an indicator that you’re off the market, rings can be mixed and matched to suit a series of different spring/summer get-ups. We know for some the idea of plain gold, rose gold and silver rings can look too much like a wedding band. If you feel the same try opting for designs cast from oxidised silver, brushed brass and zinc, or go for styles in gold, rose gold and silver that include engravings, featured cut-out/lattice effects or have plaited inserts so to shake off the matrimonial connotations.

Though for many men accessories are usually an afterthought, but it’s worth taking a second to appreciate just how much one or two of these subtle additions can instantly step up your style game – especially during the warmer months.

But above all else, remember that whatever style(s) you choose should look personal, as if they’re subtle extensions of the kind of things you’d find in your wardrobe. You want to wear your jewellery – you don’t want it to wear you.

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