National Jewel Day

What a wonderful day to celebrate, who even knew it existed?! Jewel Day is a fun day revolving around jewellery in all its glory, celebrated every year on the 13th March.

It is not only a day to remember jewellers, but a day to wear the gems you already have, or perhaps even reset a birthstone. It’s the perfect day to celebrate all things shiny and sparkly.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Then Jewel Day is definitely the day for you. This day should be celebrated by wearing all your most precious jewels, and more often than not, every piece of jewellery is attached to a memory. Whether it was a birthday present, or engagement ring, maybe you just decided to spoil yourself, your jewellery box essentially holds an array of sentiment or emotion.

Remembering these special events in your life is therefore the perfect excuse to wear your most precious items on Jewel Day.

Romancing the Semi Precious Stone

Gemstones are quite fascinating and there are many who admire their natural beauty. Their rarity and lustre is what makes them valuable. Not only do we admire them for their beauty, gemstones bring with them interesting folklores, which make them extremely interesting and sometimes even entertaining!

Amethyst, purple in colour, represents purity of spirit. In ancient times, Amethyst was used to aid healing wounds, including a hangover!

Another intriguing gemstone is Aquamarine, also the birthstone for March. Aquamarine was believed to instill courage in those that wore them. According to legend, this beautiful gem originated in the treasure chests of fabulous mermaids! It was also said to protect sailors at sea.

One of my personal favourites is the Tanzanite which make beautiful rings, earrings or pendants. A simply exquisite gemstone, set apart from others in its extraordinary rarity, is said to be around for our generation only. Tanzanites can only be found at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro, making them Africa’s rarest and loved gem.

The most colourful gemstones are Opal and Tourmalines. While Tourmalines are known as ‘Rainbows Gems’ for being available in every colour, Opals have flashes of different colours, exuding a mystical aura to this unusual gem.

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Colour stones are a trend for 2020, with many more people choosing coloured stones for engagement rings than traditionally in the past, with a few exceptions of course! Who can forget Princess Diana’s engagement ring, the stunning blue oval Sapphire, surrounded by diamonds, now worn by the much loved Kate Middleton.

These days it would appear celebrities are also paying close attention towards coloured gemstones. Lady Gaga received a stunning 6ct oval pink sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds for her engagement ring. Katy Perry also recently engaged, received a unique pink diamond as the centerpiece for her most prized token of love. Halle Berry was presented with a whopping ct 4.00 Emerald from her betrothed, a jewel fit for a queen! As for Victoria Beckham, well this lucky lady has a current grand total of 13 engagement rings, one representing each year of marriage to her gorgeous beau. With a selection such as that one, we can only just imagine the play of colour in some of those glittering masterpieces.

Diamonds as a Symbol of Love

diamond ringWhile traditionally people choose diamonds for their engagement rings, the hardest substance on earth, its rarity contributing significantly to the preciousness and appeal, diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment. Give a girl a diamond, not only are you showing her she is one in a million, symbolic in the rarity of this dazzling gemstone, you will also be making all her dreams come true.

As every gemstone is unique in its own way, jewellery will always be considered tokens of love, precious to the beholder regardless of its monetary value, however most priceless in its emotional one.

So let’s celebrate this Jewel Day, let us wear our jewels with pride, remembering our special people, occasions and happy memories, which thanks to these precious items, will last a lifetime!

At Francarlo, we offer free delivery on all orders over R2000 placed online, so why not spoil yourself this Jewel Day with a special piece of jewellery, it’s the perfect excuse!