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Power of the Radiant Ruby – July Birthstone

Known for their rich colour and fluorescent colour, rubies are an exquisite gem. Coveted for centuries, they have come to be recognised as one of the most valuable precious stones of all time. In fact, it was a rare Jubilee Ruby that set the record as the highest priced coloured gem when it was sold at the world-renowned auction house, Christie’s.

Given their spectacular appearance and outstanding properties, it should come as no surprise that rubies are a much-loved gift. Appreciated both as a birthstone in their own right, ruby jewellery is the ideal choice for a loved one, a cherished family member, or a beloved friend.

Where do Rubies come from?

Taken from the Latin word, Rubeus, the name ‘ruby’ represents the fiery red colour that characterises these gems. When translated into ancient Sanskrit as ratnaraj, rubies were recognised as the ‘king of precious stones’, and this still holds true today. Valued for centuries, rubies were seen as symbols of success and wealth in ancient Indian culture and wearing one was said to ensure the owner would enjoy a long life.

Although rubies are mined around the world, it is the Mogok and Mong Hsu regions of Burma that are best-known for these precious gems. Sometimes known as ‘Pigeon Blood rubies’, Burmese rubies are characterised by their rich, blood-red hue with purple undertones.

What do Rubies Mean Today?

Today, the folklore surrounding these stunning gems continues. The official birthstone of July, rubies are said to represent courage, emotion, passion, and love, which is why ruby jewellery is such a meaningful gift.

However, rubies don’t only signify July birthdays, as they are also the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries. When couples celebrate this milestone, precious stone jewellery, such as ruby rings or ruby earrings, make for the perfect gift.

In addition to this, the traditional gifts associated with 15th wedding anniversaries have seen ruby jewellery becoming a popular gift at this time too. Traditionally, 15th wedding anniversaries were symbolised by crystal, although ‘red jewellery’ has become an increasingly popular alternative. Of course, there is no finer choice than rubies when it comes to ‘red jewellery, which is why they have come to symbolise this celebration too.

Choosing Ruby Jewellery

Whether you’re choosing ruby jewellery as a gift for a loved one or as something special for yourself, you’ll want to ensure that the piece is as meaningful as possible.

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