Pre Loved – A revival of the Old into the New

We often speak about jewellery as an “emotional” buy, a legacy which can be passed on from generation to generation, the beholder of the treasure awarded this magical power of remembering with fond memories the person who chose you to have it…..and all the other sentimental jibber jabber that goes with it [insert violin music]

….but [insert record player screech!] what if you REALLY don’t like it?!

I mean, you loved the person dearly, and you are so grateful to have been thought of in the first place, to have a “keep sake” you will remember for always, even though you’d rather not be seen with the gaudy looking brooch your favourite Aunt Mabel would wear with pride on her purple hat….so what to do?

Create a “keep sake” you will remember for always

It would be a real shame to put it in a drawer and forget about it, even though at this minute, you can’t think of anything better! But what if you took the ghastly looking beast, I mean “brooch” (oops!) and turned it into something YOU could wear with pride each day, remembering the person with fond memories, every time you look at it.

I know often one feels, that “no, it shouldn’t be changed, it wouldn’t be right, the essence of it, lost”, as if the same magical power we spoke of earlier, will come and remove the sentimental value, should one decide to go and change it?

In my humble opinion, the answer is a resounding “No!”

The “essence” will always be there, in the raw materials and gems, which you would otherwise not have had in the first place if dear Aunt Mabel hadn’t decided you should be the lucky one to receive it in the end, and lucky you are indeed!

Redesign it into something special and new for yourself

So why not have it redesigned into something special and new for yourself, trading in the metal to one you would wear, utilizing the same gems to transform your newly acquired jewel into something you have always wanted, however never dreamed of possessing in your wildest dreams, gems you may never have otherwise come across, or perhaps been able to afford on your own, but now that you have it, this is your chance!

I did this very thing, with items I received from both of my beloved grannies, each had its own sentimental story attached, which I was blessed to receive.

tanya pre loved piecesThe first, an emerald cluster ring, I knew I would never wear, as it was quite a high setting, and as I am far too clumsy, one dramatic sweep of my hand while talking and that emerald would have been a gone-er! Far too risky to have that anywhere near me in fact! So what did I decide to do? I used the diamonds to create a beautiful eternity ring as a dress ring on my right hand, the one remaining diamond and emerald, I kept tucked away until I thought of the next thing to do, which happened to be around 10 years later, which I achieved by adding it to my Nom Nom charm neckpiece, my emerald making the perfect focal point.

The second, a full eternity ring, passed on to me by my other granny for my 21st birthday, I was delighted to say the least! Being a full eternity ring, it couldn’t be sized, without remaking it completely, so when it came time to marry, I made the decision to have it remade to match the style of my engagement ring, in the correct finger size this time, which was presented to me on my wedding day, thereby creating new memories for me.

So I tell you this: When I wear my jewellery, there isn’t a day I don’t think of my precious grannies, so happy to have them close with me, every day, near me and forever in my heart, the “essence” very much alive!

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