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14ct PG dia 83-0.42ct& sm/qtz topaz drop pendant

R23,500.00 R17,625.00

9ct rose and white gold pendant with 1xpear

R6,000.00 R4,500.00

18ct yellow gold ring with 1xprincess cut diam.

R48,000.00 R36,000.00

18ct Yellow Gold Tanzanite Stud Earrings

R6,500.00 R4,875.00

18ct White Gold Diamonds ct 0.31 H VS

R14,500.00 R10,875.00

Silver angle pendant in heart frame

R240.00 R180.00

18ct WG dia 20-0.21&ov/ruby1-0.79ct flower pend.

R36,500.00 R27,375.00

Silver pendant with pink synthetic cat eye and

R570.00 R427.50

Silver ring with cubic zirconia in centre, all

R750.00 R562.50

18ct WG dia 25-0.20ct&b/s 17-0.30ct domed pend.

R17,000.00 R12,750.00

18ct WG dia 20-0.27ct&b/s 1-0.71ct clust/pendant

R31,500.00 R23,625.00

Silver ring with c/z on rd top&on split shank

R1,550.00 R1,162.50

9ct White Gold

R1,450.00 R1,087.50

9ct WG 3mm twisted tube creole hoop earrings

R2,900.00 R2,175.00

14ct YG dia 36-0.13ct&ov/chec/top citrine 1-5.15

R17,500.00 R13,125.00

18ct WG 25-0.60&tz 1-0.83ct pend 45cm wg dia chn

R49,500.00 R37,125.00

Silver full eternity ring with fresh water pearl

R1,800.00 R1,350.00

18ct yellow and white gold pend.with 1 x emerald

R15,000.00 R11,250.00

18ct WG dia 56-0.37ct&moprl pend.on 46cm wg chn

R31,000.00 R23,250.00

Silver domed dress ring

R2,550.00 R1,912.50

9ct WG fancy matt hoop earrings

R1,950.00 R1,462.50

9ct White Gold 3mm Twisted

R2,300.00 R1,725.00

14ct WG dia 36-0.13ct&ov/chec/top b/t 1-5.90ct

R17,500.00 R13,125.00

9ct RG dia 42-0.36&red coral cluster earrings

R16,500.00 R12,375.00

Silver cubic ring in centre and on shoulders

R1,050.00 R787.50

9ct Rose Gold Heart Citrine ct 0.78

R3,900.00 R2,925.00

9ct YG 1xsquare citrine pendant

R2,000.00 R1,500.00

Silver ring with cubc zirconias in centre,all

R1,000.00 R750.00

18ct White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Earrings

R14,900.00 R11,175.00

14ct White Gold Diamonds ct 0.70

R21,500.00 R16,125.00

9ct White Gold Blue Sapphire Half Eternity Ring

R4,250.00 R3,187.50

9ct White Gold Trillian 4mm Topaz

R2,750.00 R2,062.50

Silver 1xRound Blue Gillson Opal Ring Size N

R1,200.00 R900.00

Silver ring with cnt c/z,all rd&on split shlders

R1,550.00 R1,162.50