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9ct WG scd 21-0.09&cab.p/sh amet.1-0.81 clus/pen

R4,800.00 R2,880.00

18ct YG dia 1-0.25ct solit.ring set in 4xwg claw

R19,500.00 R11,700.00

18ct WG dia 79-0.40ct&turq.stn=6.65ct pend.claws

R29,500.00 R17,700.00

9ct WG scd 17-0.07&ov/cab.b/t 1-1.04ct clus/pend

R4,800.00 R2,880.00

14ct Yellow Gold Diamonds ct 0.50 G/SI

R27,000.00 R16,200.00

18ct White Gold Diamonds ct 0.345 G/H VS/SI

R19,000.00 R11,400.00

18ct WG dia 5-0.04,Am1-5.80,p/s 22-0.45ct on chn

R31,000.00 R18,600.00

18ct WG dia10-0.13ct&lem qtz 5.73ct pend 43cm ch

R18,000.00 R10,800.00

18ct WG dia 20-0.23ct & cush b/topaz pendant

R31,000.00 R18,600.00

Viventy silver smokey qtz&c/z pend.on silv.chain

R1,900.00 R1,140.00

Silver f.w.prl & c/z cluster domed ring

R1,250.00 R750.00

Silver cross pendant with blk&wht c/z in claws

R600.00 R360.00

14ct WG dia 58-0.44ct&p/sh ameth.2-6.44ct pend.

R21,500.00 R12,900.00

18ct WG dia 20-0.253&oval amethyst claws

R14,500.00 R8,700.00

18ct WG dia 8-0.07ct&marq ameth.1-2.79ct pendant

R16,500.00 R9,900.00

9ct WG dia 69-0.28ct&rd b/topaz pendant in pave

R21,500.00 R12,900.00

9ct WG scd 44-0.13ct & Garnet 2-1.60ct earrings

R7,000.00 R4,200.00

18ct White Gold Diamonds ct 0.59

R36,500.00 R21,900.00

9ct WG scd 25-0.08ct&p/sh garnet claws

R3,900.00 R2,340.00

18ct White Gold Ruby Earrings

R16,000.00 R9,600.00

9ct Rose Gold Round 2x13mm/10×2.5mm Citrine

R15,500.00 R9,300.00

plat pendant 1tril tanz=ct.3.98, 21bcd=ct.0.44

R95,000.00 R57,000.00

Stg/silv.ring with rect.amethyst&cz set in claws

R650.00 R390.00

9ct white gold pendant with 1x10mm Lemon quartz

R5,800.00 R3,480.00

18ct WG dia 25-0.25ct&ameth.3.84ct pend 43cm chn

R20,000.00 R12,000.00

18ct WG dia 154-0.42ct&onyx pave setting

R34,500.00 R20,700.00

18ct WG Dia19-0.20ct&bt 1-3.81ct pend.on chain

R45,700.00 R27,420.00

9ct YG dia 36-0.26ct H-I,SI&cit.2-2.21ct cluster

R9,000.00 R5,400.00

Silver Rhoduim plated sandal with c/z charm

R650.00 R390.00

18ct WG 3-0.30ct diamond pendant set in claws.

R23,500.00 R14,100.00

18ct. white gold Ring with 49 briliiant cut

R46,000.00 R27,600.00

Gioia silver & white agate earrings

R950.00 R570.00

Silver dress ring with 49xcubic zirconias and

R3,850.00 R2,310.00

Gioia silver ring with blue chalcedony stone

R1,500.00 R900.00

18ct WG rd dia 4-0.082,9xpr+4xbag=0.44ct sq pend

R25,500.00 R15,300.00

18ct w/g cross on a yellow gold snake neckchain

R7,500.00 R4,500.00

18ct WG dia 40-0.36ct pendant in pave setting

R20,000.00 R12,000.00

9ct WG dia 6-0.06ct&pear shape lemon qrtz pend.

R16,500.00 R9,900.00

14ct White Gold 4xOval ct 8.51 Topaz Diamonds

R29,500.00 R17,700.00

Silver 6mm round garnet pendant in bezel set

R1,800.00 R1,080.00