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Rose Gold – the jewellery trend that is here to stay

Rose gold jewellery continues to dominate current jewellery trends, giving jewellery fans something very special to add to their collection. As experts in delicate, highly personal fine jewellery, we’re delighted to share a few insights about this popular well-established jewellery trend that is here to stay.

Why is rose gold so popular?

Rose gold has become increasingly popular over the last few years, finding its way into everything from jewellery to accessories, home furnishings and even hair colourants.

One of the appealing things about rose gold is that it offers a modern new take on metallics, which simultaneously appeals to both women and men – and its popularity spans a wide age range, too.

The colour is much loved by style conscious people, thanks to its associations with luxury whilst also being a little more offbeat and unusual than standard gold, silver or bronze. At Francarlo, we have found customers enjoy the feeling of peace and serenity which is also widely associated with rose gold jewellery and watches. There is something about the feeling of relaxed, approachable luxury which customers adore.

Rose gold is a fantastic way to add some lustre to your jewellery choices, while still retaining your individuality.

What gives rose gold its colour?

The pinkish hue of rose gold is both what gives this jewellery staple its name, and also its notoriety. But is rose gold real gold? In part, yes. Rose gold is actually created through a mixture of pure gold and copper, which produces the distinctive colour.

A brief history of rose gold

Originating in the 19th century, the current resurgence in rose gold’s popularity can be seen in everything from rose gold engagement rings to rose gold wedding rings, rose gold earrings and even rose gold necklaces with charms.

Extremely popular with Victorians, rose gold ultimately fell out of favour before a resurgence again during the 1920s. It found its way into many stunning pieces of jewellery during this time period, before being overtaken by platinum in the 1930s.

Since around 2016, more and more people have been discovering – and loving – rose gold. This is a trend which looks set to be with us for some time and also offers a timelessness which appeals to discerning jewellery fans.

Caring for your rose gold jewellery

After investing in a piece of rose gold jewellery, it’s important to care for it to help retain its shine. Thankfully, a few simple steps can help restore your rose gold jewellery.

For a quick fix, simply soak your jewellery in a mixture of warm water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and soap, leaving for around ten minutes for optimum results. Afterwards, you’ll be able to dry your jewellery wear as usual. To achieve a longer lasting clean, we offer a professional polish in-store or you could invest in one of our Connoisseur Jewellery Cleaners

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