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Your Everything Guide to the Sapphire – September Birthstone

Known for their inimitable blue colour and exquisite appearance, sapphires have been popular for centuries. Worn in Ancient Greece to attain wisdom and in Ancient Persia to strengthen the heart, the symbolism associated with these stunning blue gemstones only serves to enhance their beauty.

As the September birthstone, ‘spring babies’ often wear this gemstone in rings, pendants, or earrings. However, this isn’t the only occasion that sapphires are associated with. They are also used to commemorate and celebrate 45th wedding anniversaries too.

What is the Symbolic Meaning of a Sapphire?

Throughout history, various meanings have been associated with sapphires. However, they are most commonly believed to bestow wisdom and prosperity on the wearer and protect them from harm. In addition to this, sapphires are believed to be a symbol of deep love and longevity, which is one reason why they’re a superb choice for engagement rings when paired with diamonds.

Are Sapphires Expensive?

Like all gemstones, the price of sapphires varies depending on several factors. The colour, cut, clarity, and carat of the stone will have the biggest impact on how much a sapphire is valued.

coloured sapphire rings

While many people assume that all sapphires are blue, this isn’t the case. You’ll find sapphires in a wide range of colours, including yellow, pink, violet, green and purple. Known as, ‘fancy sapphires’, these gemstones are valued using the same principles as blue sapphire.

Generally, the more uniform and intense the colour is, the more valuable a stone will be. If you’re choosing a blue sapphire, for example, stones with vivid colour and a medium or medium-dark tone are usually the most expensive. Similarly, higher clarity stones are typically the most expensive, although most sapphires do have some inclusions.

While the price of sapphires can vary, their sentimental value never does. Whether you spoil someone with sapphire jewellery to celebrate a September birthday, commemorate an anniversary, or ask for their hand in marriage with a beautiful wedding ring, you can be sure that this exquisite gemstone will be priceless to the recipient.

Fit for Royalty

Sapphires have been associated with royalty for centuries and continue to be linked to royal dynasties to this day. In fact, the most famous sapphire in the world is, perhaps, the engagement ring belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge. The spectacular sapphire and diamond engagement ring, once owned by Diana, Princess of Wales, is, unsurprisingly, a superb example of sapphire jewellery and showcases this gemstone to perfection.

Designing your own Jewellery

Whether you’re choosing a sapphire engagement ring, selecting a precious stone pendant or gifting a loved one diamond earrings, designing your own jewellery can be the best way to create a unique piece that’s perfectly suited to the wearer.

At Francarlo, we are experienced goldsmiths and we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable memories through the jewellery we create. By working closely with our customers, we create bespoke jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

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