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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends in 2021

When it comes to love, not even a global pandemic can stand in its way, as we continue to see many couples committing to one another and becoming engaged.

Although wedding ceremonies may be on hold for now, the desire to celebrate love is still going strong – with many couples continuing to ring shop and get down on one knee.

Whether you are planning on surprising your loved one with an engagement ring or you are ring shopping online as a couple in South Africa, there are many engagement ring styles to consider.

Two-Stone Engagement ring given to Josephine by Napoleon Bonaparte

Two-Stone Engagement Rings

Why settle for one stone when you can have two? Also called Toi et Moi rings, the two stone engagement ring signifies ‘you’ and ‘me,’ and adds an extra layer of romance to an already romantic gesture.

The placing of the two stones beside one another symbolises two souls becoming one, making this style of engagement ring one of the most romantic ones to date. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than proposing with this unique and meaningful engagement ring?

The most famous two-stone engagement ring in history may have been from Napoleon Bonaparte to his love Josephine. This ring featured a sapphire and a diamond set together on a band like the one pictured here.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Look into the past and take inspiration from a former era. The intricate detail of an art deco-inspired ring has been a firm favourite for many years

Popular amongst many celebrities, such as Katie Holmes who proudly wears an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring that pays homage to the art deco engagement ring. Vintage-inspired engagement rings offer an air of luxury and elegance without being seen as overly extravagant.

A vintage engagement ring can also be the perfect way to weave together gems passed down through your family generations incorporating the old with the new with heirloom touches.

The Classics: Pear-Shaped, Trilogy, Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The Classics: Pear-Shaped, Trilogy, Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Classic engagement rings continue to trend and be a favourite throughout the world, not only because of their beautifully traditional designs but because they are a beloved amongst many celebrities and members of the royal family.

The pear-shaped engagement ring is a wonderful example of a trending classic engagement ring. Follow in the footsteps of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Princess Charlene of Monaco, and Katherine Heigl.

Trilogy rings are also a classic staple, with the most famous of trilogy engagement rings belonging to the one and only Meghan Markle. Since her engagement to Prince Harry, trilogy engagement rings become a popular trend that is still going strong.

White Gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire Engagment Ring

Engagement Rings with Coloured Gems

More people are looking to add a splash of colour to their engagement ring, adding whimsical fun to an otherwise traditional piece of jewellery. One prevalent colour is blue, with couples hoping to wear their ‘Something Blue’ through an aqua or royal blue gemstone on their wedding ring finger.

The traditional diamond has been a firm favourite for many engagement ring designs, however, we are seeing a rise in couples looking to purchase an engagement ring that features coloured gemstones instead.

Royal sapphires (just like Kate), morganite, ruby gems, emeralds, and canary diamonds are just a few coloured stones worth turning our attention to. Whether you’re inclined to incorporate your favourite colour or birthstone or opt for an heirloom piece of jewellery, a coloured stone can ensure your engagement ring will set you apart.

9ct Yellow Gold Double Band Diamond ring

Statement Wedding Bands

Band style engagement rings are becoming ever more popular within the wedding scene, with many couples looking to combine the engagement ring with a wedding band.

We offer an exclusive selection of wedding bands varying in colours, metal types and styles. Whether you are after a subtle diamond-studded eternity ring or a more unusually shaped but delicate double band diamond ring, you are sure to find the perfect statement wedding band within our range of wedding rings.


Create your very own Custom Engagement Ring

Having a custom engagement ring made offers you the opportunity to be creative. At Francarlo, we love to help couples unionise their love for one another, so whether you are after an engagement ring for the woman for the love of your life or looking to purchase wedding bands for the ceremony, our team and in-house goldsmiths are here to help craft showstopping wedding jewellery for both him and her.

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