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Tree of Life Jewellery & the Meaning of the Symbol

With Easter and the start of Autumn just around the corner, we’re all familiar with the fact that trees lose their leaves during Autumn and find new life in Spring. As such, we look at the Tree of Life symbol and how it be seen as a sign of a fresh start, good health and a brighter future. With this new season, comes plenty of opportunities to update your wardrobe and jewellery collection with a strong symbolic meaning. At Francarlo, we’ve noticed how the Tree of Life symbol has become increasingly popular in recent years, becoming one of the favourites amongst those who enjoy wearing jewellery with a symbolic meaning.

Here’s all you need to know about the Tree of Life symbol, and why it’s significant when looking at Tree of Life jewellery choices.

The Tree of Life Symbol Explained

The Tree of Life symbol is famous around the world and has multiple symbolic meanings. Predominantly, it signifies a strong connection to the natural world, with the roots of the tree linking to the soil.

Associated with the earth and humanity itself, the symbol signifies that the onlooker is not alone, but instead part of a much larger community. For many, the Tree of Life is also connected with heritage and ancestry, with many wearers considering it symbolic of the multigenerational branches of their family tree.

It has also been connected with spiritual growth, symbolising the trials and tribulations which take each person from childhood through to adulthood.

How can the Tree of Life be used in jewellery?

There are many ways in which the Tree of Life symbol can be incorporated into beautiful, wearable jewellery such as in a pendant, earrings or even a charm for a nom nom chain or bracelet.

tree of life jewellery

The Celtic roots of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life symbol is found in many different countries and cultures. In each of these unique settings, it takes on an equally unique added symbolism and meaning, but perhaps the best known is the Celtic connection.

This symbol is firmly rooted in Celtic symbology, thanks to the Celtic connection to Mother Earth. Celtic people were particularly interested in trees, which had multiple uses as well as a strong spiritual place in Celtic life.

A tree could provide shelter, or food, or even a gathering place for meetings. They were even considered to provide a link between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Trees were treated with such reverence by Celtic people that even when clearing land, one single tree would often be left behind.

When travelling through modern Ireland, it is not uncommon to see trees which have been decorated with ribbons, commonly known as fairy trees or wishing trees. Tree of Life Jewellery draws inspiration from this sacred Celtic link.

Whether you’re looking for something unique to add to your collection or want something with meaning, our inhouse craftsman can make a bespoke piece of jewellery to match exactly what you have in mind so be sure to contact us or book in for a consultation.